The Samsung Galaxy S5: When a Committee Builds a Smartphone

"What is gunking up your screens is Samsung’s usual not-fully-thought-through assemblage of app flotsam. Why do you need one app for Gmail and another for other kinds of email accounts? Why do you need two photo apps — one from Samsung, one from Google? Two Settings apps? Two text-messaging apps? Two video players?

The camera, too, has been Samsungized. It’s teeming with unhelpfully named filters and special effects that you’ll rarely use. Quick — what does the filter called “Shot & More” do?

This is the dark side of the Android experience: One company makes the hardware, another makes the software. Now they’re becoming rivals, and we can already see who the loser will be: you.”



After two years working out of a sixth floor walk-up, our New York City team has a new home: the historic art-deco building at 60 Hudson. Together with celebrated architect Laura Gonzalez Fierro, we remodeled the southwest corner with the aim to bring technology, design, ideas, and community together.

In March, we celebrated the opening of our new HQ with an office warming party, inviting friends and colleagues to view the new space and enjoy delicious bites catered by All Good Things, music by DJ Vikam and live sketches in Paper by Alon Chitayat of Subway Stories.

We like to say that “FiftyThree is the space to create” and we’re thrilled that our workspace has begun to reflect this ethos. Our mission is to enable creativity and to bring creative minds together to share inspiration and ideas. To that end, we hosted our first open workshop with New York Times bestselling author Austin Kleon last week, and currently on display are original works by renowned artist Miriam Cabessa.

Here’s to embracing many more opportunities to create and collaborate. Our door is always open.

To learn more, check out articles written about our new digs in FastCo Labs, ArchDaily, Inhabitat, Design Boom, and Architizer.

Photos by Matthew Williams


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