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Sparrow 1.0 is now available on the Mac AppStore at $9.99.

  • Sparrow Lite

Sparrow Lite is still ‘waiting for review’ but should be available soon.

  • Licensed Version

We are also finalizing the classic licensed version that should be available to download through our website. If you use Leopard, you will have to wait a few more days. We are working on it right now. 

  • Sparrow 1.0 bug fix

We will also post an update to fix the identified issues in Sparrow 1.0 such as the ‘Menu Bar only mode’.

  • Sparrow 1.1 and IMAP support

Concerning Sparrow 1.1, we’ll be launching a private beta soon with General IMAP support (Mobile Me, AOL, Yahoo and custom IMAP providers). General IMAP is in the works and should be available in a month at the beginning of March.

  • Support

You can still ask us questions or report issues on our Get Satisfaction.

  • The ‘Install’ issue

If you are experiencing issues installing Sparrow from the Mac AppStore because your system consider it as ‘Installed’, follow these instructions.  

Download Sparrow 1.0

Finally a native mail app tailored just for gmail with labels and threaded messages support! Get it!!

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